What Triggers Your Home Security Alarm?

Kinds Of Home Security Alarm Trigger

Published by Sarah Kennedy on December 06, 2018 ·
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What are the Types of Home Security Alarm Trigger.

At ADT SafeStreets, we are proud to have a public tracking center where we strive to protect our clients. Though we hope you will never need to activate an alarm, we want to help prepare you to comprehend what the various kinds of bells remain in the case of an alarm event.

There are five classifications of alarm occasions that your ADT SafeStreets system can activate– break-in, panic, medical, fire, and pressure. Inaccurate and canceled alarms may occur in any of these categories. Have a look at the list below to learn what the different bells suggest.

Incorrect or canceled alarm:

They occur to everyone from time to time. You or a member of the family forget that the system is equipped and open a window or door. Do not be alarmed; there are two fundamental methods to cancel the alarm when needed:

ADT SafeStreets will tape-record the alarm occasion as a false alarm and will not aim to contact you.

Go to your panel and enter your 4-digit PIN. The system provides an 8-second window from the time the alarm is triggered to enter your PIN at the group, which will cancel the signal, and you’ll see the following message.

System deactivated: The alarm has been canceled.

If you are unable to enter your PIN within the 8-second window, an ADT SafeStreets Monitoring Specialist will call you through the panel and ask you for your spoken passcode. This is various from your 4-digit PIN and might be a word, number, or mix of both. Your spoken passcode will be required to cancel the alarm.

Break-in alarm:

A door, window, glass break, or another noticing system is set off by a robber.

Panic alarm:

A panic alarm can be activated from the panel, app, or a necessary fob when it concerns an emergency scenario.

Medical alarm:

You can trigger this alarm type by pressing the ‘+’ button on your panel then holding down the emergency button for a minimum of 2 seconds. You can similarly utilize an ADT SafeStreets Medical Pendant to trigger this alarm type by holding down the button for at least 3 seconds.

Emergency alarm:

When it pertains to fire, please exit the home right away. Emergency alarm is set off by a smoke detector or the panel. If you wish to send an emergency alarm by hand, you can do so from the app by pressing the alarm icon, or from the group, by pushing the ‘+’ button and holding down the fire button for at least 2 seconds.


Duress alarm.

To activate a pressure alarm, your system has to be geared up, and you will deactivate it with the pressure code. A duress alarm is for scenarios where you require emergency scenario employees sent to your home, however, do not want to alert a trespasser that you are calling for help. For instance, if you are by force kept in your house and have to deactivate your panel, you can use this code to stop the panel alarm while at the same time informing ADT SafeStreets that you are in distress and require immediate support.

Your ADT SafeStreets system has a default duress code configured to the panel. If you do not remember your pressure code, you can analyze it on your board by accessing your users and tapping on the pressure used. We encourage that you do not alter this code so that ADT SafeStreets can help you.

In case an alarm is activated, unless the signal is canceled, an ADT SafeStreets Monitoring Specialist will try to call you and your emergency circumstance contacts. If no connection can be made, ADT SafeStreets will dispatch authorities to your house.